Why Preconception and Prenatal Counseling Visits are of the Essence

While pregnancy to most women is a dream come true, most of them will also admit that the process is not always sunshine and rainbow. Yes, it comes with its perks such as being treated like a fragile porcelain bowl, lots of attention, binge eating without being judged and glowing skin, it also comes with its difficulties. In respect to that, pre-conception and also pre-natal counseling is essential and here is why.

Importance of Preconception Counseling 

Preconception counseling involves meeting your gynecologist before trying for a baby. It is easy to wonder, “Why can’t I have one if I want one without necessarily having to see a doctor.” Well here is the answer to that.

For Risk Evaluation 

A preconception counseling session helps assess any risks that might come up during the pregnancy. Your Gynecologist will examine your reproductive health to try and identify any risk factors that might bring you complications when baby is already in your womb. This examination helps determine if you are in the right state of health to get a baby, and if not, the proper steps are taken to ensure that you are fully ready to make one. Some of the tests that you should expect include:

– A routine blood test to check for any underlying condition that needs medical attention
– CBC count
– Thyroid test
– Vitamin deficiencies
– Pap smear test
– Thalassemia screening
– Antibody testing for German measles or rubella

For Educational Purposes 

Besides assessing risk factors, preconception counseling helps mothers-to-be learn about various factors that might affect the pregnancy. This is especially of the essence for the first time and young mothers. They are also taught how to handle multiple issues during the pregnancy such as spotting. It is vital that those planning to get pregnant attend these sessions with their partners too, as they are part of the pregnancy, and it will help them learn not to panic in case of emergencies. You will also be advised on steps to take before, during and after having the baby to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

What About Prenatal Visits? 

These are twice as important. Below are reasons why you should ensure you seek prenatal pregnancy counseling services palm beach fl. Nine months is quite a short time for another human being to develop. In respect to that, there are so many body changes that come with the process. Women are usually quite conscious of their physical appearance and you being one, will feel as if your body is betraying you. This can easily lead to self-hate and even cause you to loathe the small human in you. Prenatal visits help you understand that all these changes are part of the pregnancy package, hence enabling you to take them positively, and appreciate each stretch mark and the extra baby pounds you’ll gain.

They Enable Couples to Take Care of the Mini-me 

During prenatal counseling as parents to be, you are advised on how to take care of yourself and the pregnancy so the little human being can see the light of the day safe and sound. Your spouse is also advised on how to handle you even when undergoing the roller coaster of emotions and cravings that come with the pregnancy.

How to Handle Expectations and Stress 

As a pregnant mama, you will face a lot of pressure as different people have different expectations of you. Some expect you to exercise while others ask you to rest. Others want you to eat this and avoid that. In a nutshell, there are so many do’s and don’ts that a pregnant woman deals with on a daily basis. All these expectations can easily stress you up, and this is bad for the growing child. Again, a prenatal visit helps you understand what you are supposed to do and what to avoid. With this in mind, you can be able to handle expectations from other people, and your expectations as well, hence avoid stress.

For Better Mental Health 

Mental problems like depression and anxiety are bad for the baby. They’ve been linked to premature birth, and they also tend to affect the baby later in life. There are many factors which might lead to such problems, for instance, the fear of childbearing. Again, prenatal pregnancy counseling helps address such issues.